Annie Afon

SEO & Ads Specialist

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Annie converted a campervan into a home on wheels and traveled for a year. Unfortunately, her nomadic lifestyle stopped when a semi-truck hit her while she was sleeping one night. That setback didn’t stop her from following her passions. Annie hopes to rebuild her tiny home and resume her adventures on the road in the near future.

Annie is an SEO and PPC Ads specialist with a background in digital marketing and content creation. Her curiosity for marketing was sparked through an entrepreneurial journey of creating and selling handmade home decor. This ignited her career and she is increasingly inspired each day by the power of marketing and the ability to help businesses thrive.

When she’s not working on website optimization or creating engaging ads, you can find Annie adventuring with her husband Matt, and her two dogs, Henna and Ollie. Annie enjoys exploring new hiking trails, eating delicious food, and tending to her beloved house plants.

Annie studied at Fairleigh Dickinson University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. She spent a semester studying abroad in England where her love for travel was born. Originally from New York, Annie felt a strong calling from the Colorado mountains. Answering their call, Annie took the leap and set out on her first cross-country adventure, moving to Colorado where she lived for a few years. During that time, she lived out her van life experience, collecting countless memories from her time on the road. Despite moving back to NY, she has big hopes and dreams of returning to Colorado and building a tiny home in the mountains someday.

Annie is a passionate advocate for reactive dogs. She takes pride in sharing her personal experiences as a reactive dog parent on social media, where she has developed a community of thousands of fellow reactive dog parents. With the aim of helping those facing challenges with their furry companions, she created a mindfulness workbook for reactive dog parents and is currently pursuing studies to become a virtual dog trainer.