Is Boxwood a Good Fit for You?

What Sets Us Apart

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We make a point of only working with businesses that we truly believe we can help with their growth.



Boxwood is a small, lean team. You will be in direct contact with the real marketers working on your projects.

Reputation Management


With a staff with 10+ years in SEO, website design, graphic design, and inbound marketing, we will only provide the highest quality of work for you.


No smoke and mirrors here. We will tell you exactly what we are working on each month and how it’s helping your bottom line.

Our Typical Clients Look Like:

While our clients don’t all fit one mold, most of the businesses we work with are:

  • Businesses with 5-500 employees
  • Located in the U.S.; many in Colorado where we are located
  • Have either none or few in-house marketing employees
  • Need a higher level of digital marketing performed
  • Want a trusted, long term marketing partner

Industries We Specialize In:

Many digital marketing strategies apply to all industries, but here are the spaces we have the most expertise in:

  • ECommerce
  • Local services (such as house cleaning, financial planning, etc.)
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Legal cannabis related businesses
  • Real estate

Our Marketing Philosophy

We take a holistic approach to digital marketing, meaning we consider the entire customer journey from awareness to a purchase in everything we do. If we create an ad for you, we will make sure the landing page we send them to is excellent too. Want to hire us for SEO? We’ll make sure your website’s designs is also intuitive and encourages a conversion.

The reason we often consider more than what we are asked to do is simple: we want to give our work the best fighting chance to bring you more business!