Boxwood Bulletin: ECommerce Marketing News and Tips (May Edition)

It’s time for the May edition of the Boxwood Bulletin! In the spirit of spring, we’ve got a bouquet of the latest eCommerce news to keep you in the know. As usual, we’ve also included our expert insights to help you leverage every nugget of information.

Let’s dive in!

Google’s Shifting Search Landscape Boosts Transactional Intent Trend

Semrush recently released a report of their analysis of search behaviors by keyword intent. The findings show that in 2022, keywords pivoted more toward commercial and transactional compared to 2021.

The reason for the shift? Well, Google added more commerce-focused features to its SERPs. According to the keyword wizards at Semrush, this introduction allowed shoppers to read reviews and make online purchases.

Why It’s Interesting

Semrush’s report provides valuable insights into evolving search behaviors and the impact of Google on shopper intent. For eCommerce business owners, the new way customers approach online shopping is an opportunity to fine-tune their marketing strategies.

You can align your products, advertising, and content toward this specific intent by knowing keywords skew toward transactional and commercial terms. Moreover, Google’s introduction of commerce-fueled SERP features provides another resource to add to your omnichannel marketing strategy.

What We Recommend

While the search landscape changes, don’t abandon ship on informational and navigational searches. People still crave information, so knowing how to ride the wave is key. Here are some smart moves you can make:

  • Embrace Google Customer Reviews. These are golden eggs for eCommerce businesses. Use them to help searchers get social proof. That way, they shop confidently, shorten their buying journey, and can click that “Buy” button with assurance. 
  • When you know shoppers are looking for a specific product or ready to purchase, make their lives easier. Whip up individual landing pages that cater to those transactional and commercial queries. It’s like rolling out the red carpet straight to that “Add to Cart” button.

As Google sees mounting competition, expect additional features that simplify online shopping. The key to adapting as a small- or medium-sized business owner is to keep pace with the shifts (and the Boxwood Bulletin’s got your back on that front).

Google Unveils Next-Level Ad Automation

Google recently announced it’s rolling out some new AI sorcery to help businesses generate ads.

Here’s how it works: you submit content like images, text, and videos. Then, Google’s AI systems step in to work their magic. They’ll take your assets and create targeted ads that help with goals like targeting the perfect audience and boosting sales.

Why It’s Interesting

Google’s AI-powered ads are a potential game changer. Leveraging AI for ad creation allows businesses to streamline advertising. By using AI-generated ads focused on specific goals and audience targeting, eCommerce business owners could see more efficient and effective ad campaigns.

What We Recommend

Here’s how we recommend using this news to your benefit:

  • Get your creative juices flowing and try different assets to see what works. When using AI to generate ads, it’s all about testing, testing, testing!
  • When measuring those all-important KPIs, remember AI technology learns from existing systems. That means it can have some built-in biases, so adjust your approach accordingly.
  • Remember, AI systems are machines, not human agency partners. Watch for potential brand dilution when using generated ads.

Customers Willing To Share Data for Rewards and Perks

We have long thought customers don’t want to share their data, but Publicis Sapient and YouGov surveys found that there’s a way to get shoppers in the sharing mood.

According to the survey, a whopping 73% of participants said they’d share their data in exchange for perks and rewards.

Why It’s Interesting

With over 70% of survey respondents expressing openness to sharing data for deals, it presents a significant opportunity to leverage this customer mindset. 

ECommerce business owners can devise strategies to collect valuable customer data while providing attractive deals and incentives. This can fuel customer engagement, create personalized shopping experiences, and drive business growth. Using this insight in the competitive eCommerce landscape can give your business an advantage, strengthening customer acquisition and retention efforts.

What We Recommend

Want to supercharge your customer lead list? Here’s the lowdown: 

  • Gather leads. Plan some loyalty programs, whip up irresistible deals, and unveil exclusive goodies. This attracts customers and is your golden ticket to gathering valuable data. Also, monitor which deals get the most love — those are the ones to double down on.
  • When customers share their data, don’t let it go to waste! Use that treasure trove of information to craft highly personalized plans. Many brands can go overboard and get a little too invasive. Don’t make that mistake. Pay attention to the data while also respecting boundaries.

ECommerce Business Owners Navigate the Abundance Challenge

Ever feel like the customer journey is all over the place, like finding puzzle pieces scattered in different rooms? Well, you’re not alone!

A recent study from the creative agency Wunderman Thompson revealed that 47% of online sellers feel overwhelmed by an abundance of marketing channels. So many choices, so little time!

Why It’s Interesting

This research sheds light on a shared struggle in the eCommerce landscape. Raise your hand if you’ve felt you don’t have the time or resources to explore all the different ways to connect with customers. 

Over 90% of business leaders are jumping on the multi-channel bandwagon to reach audiences. But here’s the kicker: 66% believe they could squeeze even more juice from these channels. It’s like having several cool tools but not knowing how to use them. A classic Catch-22!

Wunderman Thompson’s study emphasizes the importance of utilizing marketing channels efficiently to drive success and maximize your eCommerce marketing strategy.

What We Recommend

While we suggest an omnichannel marketing strategy for clients, it’s crucial to remember that not every channel is for every business. We’ve got your back, though. Want to discover which channels suit your biz like a glove? Catch our informative webinar on our website. 

Here’re some additional tips:

  • Don’t just hop on the omnichannel marketing strategy bandwagon because everyone else is doing it (spoiler alert: it doesn’t always lead to success). Take some time to consider a few things: the size of your audience on each channel, how much bandwidth your marketing team has, and what it takes to rock each channel like a pro. Once you know these details, you’re one step closer to deciding which channels suit your business and customers best.
  • When mapping your budget, consider which strategies will catapult you toward your target. Trust us, once you’ve nailed your strategies, the selection of channels will fall right into place!
  • Own your content and data like a boss! Sure, external channels may have a ready-made audience, but relying solely on them puts your business at the mercy of those third-party platforms. Your primary investment should be in your website. It’s your online kingdom where you call the shots.

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