Why Business Websites are More Relevant Now Than Ever Before

Social media platforms are now less about “social” and more about “selling.” New features are introduced almost every day and all of them are designed to keep people scrolling longer. Brands have the ability to not only showcase their products but also sell their products directly on these platforms.

So are websites still relevant? Why should businesses continue to invest in them? These are fair questions, so let’s talk about why websites are essential for companies.

A Business Website Gives You Control Over Data

Unlike social media platforms where a third party owns all the data, your business website is in your control. This is one of the biggest reasons why businesses should invest in building a strong website.

When you invest time and money identifying the audience you want to reach, building creative assets that will engage this audience, and gathering information that you intend to use in future marketing and business decisions, you don’t want it all to be at the mercy of social media platforms. However, with changing government regulations and volatile social media landscapes, this is exactly what happens.

On the other hand, your business website gives you control of customer data, which is easily one of the most important assets you have. Data tells you if your marketing efforts or even your business strategy is on the right track. It tells you which direction you need to head in. Without gathering and analyzing data, it is impossible to optimize your marketing efforts.

A Business Website Helps Define Your Brand

On the face of it, there are several brands like yours in the marketplace. Each one vying for your customer’s attention. The best way for your business to stand apart from competitors is to identify and tell your unique story. Your business website helps you do just that.

From the fonts you select to the colors on your web pages to even how a website is laid out, each element of your website sends a message to your customer.

While you can of course use your logo and brand colors on social media platforms too, this channel doesn’t give you flexibility. Instead, it demands you adapt yourself to fit into its layout. Your business website is an owned channel where you decide how a customer will experience your brand and interact with it.

You Can Meet Customers at Various Touchpoints Via a Business Website

From awareness to consideration to conversion to retention, your business website can meet your customers at each stage of their journey. 

For instance, blog posts are one of the best ways to build value for your intended customers and are an excellent way to create awareness of your brand and products. Category pages, or pages that talk in-depth about a certain category of products, nudge customers toward considering your products over competitors’. Well-designed product pages are integral to leading customers toward conversion. Lastly, when you can analyze how customers interact with your website, it helps you build more failproof strategies to keep them coming back. 

While social media channels are a good way to create brand awareness, your business website has the potential to be a one-stop-shop not just for your customers, but also for your business.

Websites Help Build Credibility and Authority

Five blocks of wooden letters placed horizontally spell out the word, trust

Everyone uses social media, but does everyone trust social media? A study conducted by Insider Intelligence found that trust in social media platforms, across demographics, is continuing to decline. The study also found that not only do people trust social media less but they also don’t think that the ads they see there are relevant to them.

What is a business to do in this scenario? Should you continue to invest time and money on channels where comments, reviews, and followers can be bought leading to declining trust among consumers? Our webinar, “Ecommerce Marketing: What Works and What Doesn’t,” has advice on the channels we recommend our clients invest in, but generally speaking, a business website is integral to building trust and credibility among your customers.

Websites helps your brand practice consistency, enable you to deliver the kind of customer experience you aim for, and allow you to present the most up-to-date information to your costumers. In addition, websites empower you to tell the story of your products, your team members, and your organization in much greater detail. All of these things, put together, inspire trust in customers.

In short, websites don’t just allow you to tell your story, but they enable you to tell your story in the way you want to.

Websites Help You Gain Better Margins On Your Products

Someone sitting cross legged and counting a bunch of $100 bills

Simply put, social media platforms are businesses themselves. Their business model includes charging businesses a percentage for every transaction. According to Meta, the company charges 5% “selling fee” for every shipment. In addition, when you run ads on social media platforms, those can get expensive too. If your business is a verified account on certain social media platforms, then you can expect to pay for that status too.

In short, focusing heavily on social media marketing does not make financial sense for your business. Owning your own sales channel like your website is the best way to ensure the money you make, is the money you get. While social media marketing may seem like an attractive low-hanging fruit, in the long-run, when you invest in your business website, you are in control of your profits.

Investing in a Business Website is Good Business Sense

As an eCommerce business, your website is your storefront. Don’t make it one that you rent from social media platforms. Instead, use different digital marketing channels such as PPC and social media management to direct people to your website.

At Boxwood, we have work closely with clients to deliver website designs that help them define their brand better, attract relevant visitors, and result in more sales. See the work we have done and schedule a free consultation with us today.