Building for Scalability

Last week, our founder and CEO, Danielle Duran sat down with the podcast ‘Her Agency Toolkit’ hosted by Julia McLaughlin. Her Agency Toolkit is a weekly podcast focusing on motivating and inspiring women entrepreneurs working in digital marketing. Danielle and Julia had a great conversation discussing all things digital marketing, what inspires and motivates Danielle as a leader, scalability, and how to go about setting up an agency for success. 

Danielle goes in-depth about what scalability means to her and how that definition has changed throughout the years. When she first started Boxwood, she explained that she had a tendency to cast too wide of a net, offering a laundry list of services, such as: video, social media, photography, etc. As time went on, she realized that scaling down her services and focusing on retainer clients as opposed to one-off contract projects ultimately resulted in more consistent, quality work overall. 

These days we, at Boxwood, have decided to hone in on our core strengths, SEO, and inbound marketing strategies. While we do still dabble in social media, email marketing, and other auxiliary services, Danielle says that focusing and specializing in these strategies have been integral to the growth of the agency as a whole.

She goes on to explain that for her, ensuring her employees have some ownership over projects is an important part of getting work done on time and done right. By sharing ownership over projects and delegating responsibilities across multiple employees, the final product’s quality greatly increases. 

Get more of an in-depth look into Danielle’s (and Boxwood’s!) story, tips on scalability, and wise words on leadership by tuning into Danielle’s episode on Her Agency Toolkit!