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It’s no secret that business in Denver is booming. Large, established companies are relocating to Denver monthly and small businesses are experiencing steady growth. The good news is that most businesses are experiencing growth, but this also means that your competition is likely experiencing growth as well. Establishing your company’s online presence early on can make you stand out and give you the competitive edge you will need in the long run. By practicing the top Denver blog SEO tips you can get the most out of your website and put your business on the digital map.

Use Your Blog to Bring in Potential Leads

You should update your blog regularly for these two main reasons:

  1. Raise your website’s overall credibility with search engines
  2. Attract new, solid leads to your business

Search engines like Google love to see that websites are updated regularly with new content. It tells them that a site is well-managed and contains new, relevant information. While you’re adding fresh content, take the opportunity to add more instances of your core keywords and even new keywords as well.

Use your blog to offer valuable content to potential customers. Popular SEO strategies for blogging are to:

  • Answer commonly asked questions in your industry
  • Explain how complex products or systems work in your field
  • Share industry news

Including this type of useful content on your website will draw in potential customers looking to buy your services.

Implement SEO in Every Post

Every post should have these core blog SEO tips included:

  1. Always have a target keyword. After a little bit of initial keyword research, settle on a main keyword that is both relevant to your industry and not overly competitive.
  2. While you write, aim to include that target keyword in the first paragraph, and then every 150 words or so throughout. For SEO, search engines like to see keywords used naturally to know your website isn’t spammy, so no, unfortunately adding the keyword to every single sentence will not help you rank better.
  3. Fill out the meta description and give your post a good SEO meta title. Your meta description is essentially a short summary of your post. This is the 1-2 sentences that appear under web page names in search results. Make sure your meta description includes your target keyword but that it is also intriguing; this is what will motivate people surfing the web to click your link!
  4. The name of your blog post should also include your target keyword and again, attract the attention of a potential visitor to your website. Give an accurate idea of what your post will be while adding some splash.

Once Published, Build Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most neglected pieces of blog SEO. Bloggers who are best at backlinking set aside time to build a few backlinks for every post they publish. When it comes to backlinks, at least 5-10 will put your post in a good place for success, but if you’re able to add more — go for it!

Asking your contacts to share and link to your content is a great way to establish backlinks if you have an established professional network.

Be in the habit of sending your content out on every social media channel you have. The act of posting it already helps you get the ball rolling on reaching more people with your content, but you never know who may come across your blog post and share it in their channels too! Building backlinks for each blog post helps that post’s SEO and your website’s overall rank as well.

Digital marketing has become almost synonymous with content marketing. Every business in Denver seems to be online, and everyone online has a blog. But if you practice Denver blog SEO tips for every post, your website can become a powerful tool for finding new leads and establishing your company’s credibility.

There is no better day to get this started than today.

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