Graphic Design and Your Business

graphic design

Business owners often underestimate the importance of graphic design. Sure, other fundamentals like sales and strategy are vital, but the power of good graphic design as far as brand recognition and trust is undeniable. Visuals are so much easier to connect with than words. Implementing creative work into your website, social media platforms, prints, and more is essential to building a brand; it will also help to distinguish you from your competition. Learn what kinds of designs your business should create and where those designs should be incorporated so that you can set your business apart from all others.

*Need more information on what graphic design is and the different areas of it? Read our Different Aspects of Graphic Design blog post to understand completely what graphic design is.

Designate a Brand Identity

Before you begin creating graphics, designate exactly what your brand identity is if you have not already done so. Plan out exactly what impressions your business wants to portray and make sure you have a feel for your brand’s personality. You will do this through mainly color schemes and design style. Decide what visuals you like (using sites like Pinterest can be helpful in creating mood boards that you may want to mock) and create a layout of the colors and fonts you want to use so you can have a unified identity. 

These graphics are a reflection of your business so if you are the owner of a plant company, your graphics should be a reflection of plants. Using colors like green and brown is probably more appropriate than using blues and yellows. If you want to portray power, colors like red and black can help accomplish that. Want to attract younger, hip users? Pick modern fonts. Think through who your target customer is and what you want to portray in everything you create.

Strategic Graphic Design Locations

After you know what kinds of graphics you want to create and use, start thinking of strategic places you can incorporate the designs. Developing on-brand graphics that are carefully placed is the key to getting your brand identity across. There are a few highly-trafficked locations we recommend implementing graphic design: specifically on your website and social media platforms.

Website Design

The very first, and arguably the most important place to implement graphic design, is on your website. Because this is the first thing potential customers may see, it needs to be strong visually. Strategically place graphics on high-trafficked pages that represent your brand. You could be losing sales and not even know it with a lack of design on your site, which is why having good graphics on your website can be a game-changer. 


Take a look at a graphic on Boxwood’s SEO agency page. It’s an instant comparison of a business without and then with SEO. Potential customers will immediately understand exactly what the image is saying without having to read anything. It is strategically placed at the top of the SEO page so customers can quickly see how much better your business can be with SEO. 

Figure out which pages on your website are the most important and what the most visited pages are. Start there in creating new graphics to get your brand identity noticed, and more importantly, remembered!

Social Media

Another extremely important place to implement graphic design is on social media. This is an easy place to upload some strong graphics that you can easily show to potential customers. You want to have a strong portfolio of work, and regardless of what industry you work in, good graphic design will help make your products or services look better! When researching a company, a strong social media presence adds a level of professionalism to your image.

Social Media

Print Materials

Do you also do a lot of in-person business? Create well-designed takeaways or print material that you can give to potential customers. A takeaway is something similar to a brochure or a flyer or a note that customers can take away as a thank you for their business, or it can be more informative if someone is thinking of doing business with you. These prints can easily share information about your business as well as portray the emotions you want to be associated with your brand. Potential customers can see your design on the brochure, takeaway, or print and they’ll be more inclined to do business with you if it looks professional and memorable.

Why You Should Incorporate Graphic Design

Graphic design is a powerful way to tell a potential customer a lot about your business in a short amount of time. Deciding a brand identity and then using it to develop graphics for highly visible touchpoints will make your business feel more professional and more memorable. Don’t lose out to competitors because your business’s branding didn’t make a strong enough impression.