Our Inspirations: Marketing Communication We Love

A person walks by a wall covered in printed pamphlets.

If you asked us, “What is it that you love about marketing”, our answer may sound uncreative, but it is true!

The best thing about marketing is that we get to dabble in several industries and products. Some days we learn about “lumen counts” on flashlights and other days, we learn about “ideal calorie counts” on energy bars. Some days we are geeking out over fonts that make us drool; other days we are poring over newsletter subject lines that make us sit up. The best thing about marketing is that it’s never boring.

As marketers, we find inspiration in several places. From epic movies to printed pamphlets, we absorb different things from various places. This month, we want to share examples of marketing communication that make us stop and take notice (and take notes).

Out-of-Home Campaign: It’s OK to Look From Preacher

A street view of a print campaign created by Preacher for StreetEasy. The print is done up in shades of blue with text that cheekily pokes fun and identifies renters' paint points in NYC with a promise that StreetEasy makes it easier to not just find a place you need but place you want.

Credits: Advertising Agency — Preacher & Ads of the World

A creative agency from Austin, TX, Preacher created big-impact work for StreetEasy, a search engine for apartments and real estate based out of Manhattan. The goal of this campaign was to “expand the way people see and use StreetEasy”.


Talk about knowing your audience! From exceptional artwork to insightful, fun copy, and the decision to use out-of-home media, this campaign speaks directly to the audience.

We shouldn’t have to say it, but marketers often seem to forget, so we will — marketing or advertising needs to communicate with people. It is impossible to follow through on this goal without an understanding of the audience and the product we want to sell. It’s Okay to Look is an excellent example of understanding both.

Preacher created these ads based on the knowledge that people don’t just look for apartments based on different needs (close to train stations, easy access to grocery stores, etc.), but they also have different dreams.

One look at these ads and you will see that the agency knows exactly how StreetEasy can fill a gap in their audience’s apartment search experience.

While you may relate to these ads even if you haven’t looked for apartments in NYC specifically, the graphic artwork and cheeky copy scream NY. In our opinion, these ads belong there.

Also noteworthy is the agency’s and client’s willingness to use out-of-home media. In a city constantly on the move, it makes sense to use out-of-home creativity to get people’s attention.

Blog: Uncommon Path – Value-Led Content From REI

A screengrab of REI's blog Uncommon Path

Image Credit: REI

Established in 1935, REI is a co-op. It was founded with the intent for customers to enjoy fairly priced quality gear and to make outdoor pursuits more accessible. It is only natural then that the company’s blog, Uncommon Path, is a place for adventure fails, tips for beginners, and stories from experienced outdoor enthusiasts.


In an extension of the company’s values – including the beliefs that the planet is more important than profits and that the outdoors is for everyone – Uncommon Path is home to content that educates, informs, and entertains.

By inviting its team members and customers to contribute stories and opinions, Uncommon Path inspires a feeling of community. In doing so, the blog is an extension of the REI brand, which itself has helped democratize access to the outdoors.

Named Content Marketer of the Year in 2017, Paolo Mottola, managing editor at REI Co-op, says the blog never uses stock photos of models, which again is a demonstration of the brand’s belief that the outdoors is for everyone.


A screengrab of a social media graphic. There is text in a frame. The heading reads, Tell a Joke Day. Under this, the joke reads, Poop jokes aren't my favorite jokes. But they're a solid #2. On two diagonal sides of the frame there are bunches of flowers and fruits to depict PooPouri's fragrances.

Image Credit: PooPouri

If there is one thing that may be difficult to talk about, it’s bathroom products. PooPourri takes this challenge head-on. From “Girls Don’t Poop” to “Even Santa Poops”, PooPourri is proud of its product, and its Instagram account is an example of a brand having fun.


PooPourri’s social team isn’t afraid to get creative. From videos, to memes, to still images, PooPourri is out to have fun with toilet spray.

In a departure from the whispered, almost embarrassed conversations around going to the bathroom, PooPourri tackles the subject with humor and tact. The extremely well-defined brand tone is evident in their graphics and copywriting. The team doesn’t miss a beat and is often a part of trending conversations without looking like it’s trying too hard.

From their elegant-looking, potty-mouthed spokesperson to PooPourri’s entire website, cohesiveness is evident throughout a customer’s interaction with the brand.

We love that the brand clearly understands the problem it’s solving and owns a slightly awkward conversation with clarity, confidence, and humor.


  • Know Your Audience: We cannot stress this enough. Knowing who you are speaking with, their pain points, what kind of media they consume, and where they hang out are important things to know. You can simply not communicate effectively if you don’t know who you are speaking with.
  • Be True to Your Brand: We love a brand that walks the walk and talks the talk. One of REI’s core values is to make the outdoors accessible for all. From their in-store communication, to their customer service, to their blog, the brand represents this value in every form. While not every brand may have a lofty purpose, it is important to ensure that all your communication efforts align. For example, if your brand’s advertising says you are easy to do business with, then the user experience on your website should be absolutely smooth too.
  • Don’t be Afraid to Have a Personality: Most brands have a personality. Yes, even the so-called boring ones! Some take the time to define them, and they have the courage to own them. The biggest reason behind the success of PooPouri is their unapologetic ownership of their product.

As marketers, we often look for inspiration everywhere. This helps us deliver unique perspectives to our clients and create work that can stand out from the crowd.