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The Client

Fenix Lighting is global leader in the high-end flashlights market. Boxwood Digital Marketing worked alongside the US chapter of Fenix lighting to help them increase their social media presence, refine their social media ads, and to increase their organic traffic through landing pages and blog content. We also consulted on other areas of digital marketing such as visual content and budget strategies.

The Challenge

Fenix Lighting is thriving in the US market. When they came to Boxwood, Fenix was ready to step up their content marketing game and emotional connection with their audience. They already had an online presence and content strategy in place but wanted to create a clearer voice and personality of the brand and make their digital marketing more “fun.”

The Solution

Boxwood Digital Marketing began but putting together an extensive digital marketing calendar for Fenix that included both the work of Boxwood and tasks that their in-house marketing team would handle. By providing our level of expertise in marketing supplemented by their insider knowledge and man-power, we were able to put together a high functioning and effective marketing calendar. Boxwood was responsible for weekly original content for their social channels and an SEO hub and spoke strategy consisting of monthly landing page and blog post creation.

The Results

In the first 6 months, the social media accounts of Fenix have increased in followers by about 19% and engagement is up 35%. The hub and spoke SEO strategy has also helped to increase organic traffic to the website by 7% – which is a significant amount for thriving a multi-million dollar company.

A Sample of Our Work with Fenix

Landing Page Copy Writing

Social Media Marketing

Blog Content Writing

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