SEO, Email Marketing, Landing Page Design, & Ecommerce Marketing Strategy Development


The Client

LuvBuds is a nationwide leader in the importing and distribution of ancillary products in the legal cannabis industry.

The Challenge

Based in Denver, Luvbuds’ main marketing goals were to expand into other legalized states besides Colorado and to increase the Ecommerce side of the business.

The Solution

Boxwood Digital Marketing created a marketing strategy to lay out a path to achieve these goals. This strategy was multi-faceted but centered around digital marketing. We spent a good half of our efforts on SEO for the website. This consisted of optimizing product pages for search engines, creating new landing pages for SEO, guest posting articles, and writing blog posts. We also started sending consistent marketing emails, and planned out the weekly and monthly promotions for both the website and sales reps to participate in.

The Results

Within a month and a half we began to see substantial growth in the amount of traffic reaching the website organically (about a 15% increase each month) and a higher and higher percentage converting to customers. We also kept those customers engaged by running promotions and sales and by creating consistent touch points through email. LuvBuds continues to grow and surpass competitors in the digital space as revenue grows each month.

Below is an example of an eCommerce category landing page we designed for SEO. By creating these highly targeted landing pages, users on google could search a specific phrase like “wholesale glass bongs” and be directed to this curated landing page.