Scottish Stained Glass

SEO Strategy, On-page SEO, SEO Copywriting


The Client

Scottish Stained Glass is a stained glass business in Parker, Colorado that owns several other businesses in the home improvement space, including Scottish Home Improvements and Scottish Window Tinting, among several others.

The Challenge

Scottish Stained Glass was growing quickly and needed help to develop and guide a more advanced SEO strategy. Scottish was already working hard on their digital marketing, but they did not know a lot about modern SEO best practices. They were creating lots of content and information but it was not designed with search engines in mind.

The Solution

In order to make their digital marketing and content marketing efforts more effective, Boxwood was brought in to advise. We met with their marketing team to carry out trainings on SEO copy writing, designed a guided SEO strategy, and helped carry out on-page optimizations as well. As Scottish already has a marketing team in place, our relationship with Scottish is mostly in the form of SEO consulting with occasional hands-on SEO work.

The Results

Scottish Stained Glass and its subsidiaries have seen significant growth since Boxwood began SEO advising. Their SEO traffic has on average grown by 250% across their various websites and their business’s revenue has grown substantially as well.