SEO & Social Media: How They Work Together to Build Your Brand

Though you might initially believe that social media and SEO don’t share a ton in common, the two actually have a very symbiotic relationship. However, it’s not in the traditional sense when you think about links and SEO. Although, social media signals and links do not count towards your SEO (Google doesn’t like links it can’t trust and social media is way too easy to manipulate), it can help your ranking in other ways.

Social Media Allows for Content Promotion

Social media is the easiest (and cheapest!) way to promote your content online. While you’re not getting points for sharing the link on social media, should someone click on the post and reach your site, that can have a real effect on your bounce rate and time-on-site engagement. Over time, these increased engagement metrics communicate value to search engines, and algorithms will reward you with a higher ranking.

Social Media can Increase Engagement & Generate Leads

Social media is a great barometer for how much engagement your site is getting. If you notice a steady uptick in the amount of likes, comments, and shares on your posts, this can be a very good sign that the content you are creating is performing well. Social media is a great way to gauge the interest of certain content topics with your audience. If one post does exceptionally well or completely tanks – take note.

Social Shares Can Lead to Link Building

Building a solid foundation of backlinks is the bread and butter of SEO. With the culture of sharing on social media, it’s possible someone (with luck, a social media influencer with a large audience) could find your content via social media and then link to it on their own site. This way, you’re potentially getting high-quality links that most likely wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. This type of influencer marketing is hard to come by without social accounts.

Improve SEO Ranking with Increased Brand Awareness

While it might be a bit difficult to track, brands can increase their SEO ranking through social media and increased brand awareness. Publishing consistent, quality content, then promoting it on social media will cause a chain reaction. Increased brand presence online will lead to higher brand awareness, which in turn, will lead to more branded searches. The more branded searches you receive, the more likely you are to rank for non-branded terms. 

SEO & Social Media Strategy

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