branding illustrations

In the crowded world of small business, having and maintaining a strong brand identity will set you apart from your competition. Through the use of color and imagery in illustrations, designers can set a distinct, memorable personality for your brand. The reason we love illustrations is that they are more memorable than a stock photo and can convey a lot of information about your brand at a glance. A good illustration can create trust in your brand, convey your core values, and give potential customers a chance to decide if the mood of your company will be a good fit for them.


When it comes to illustrations, the idea is not to create 50 different visuals as quickly as you can; instead, take your time developing strong images that adequately represent your company. These illustrations should be crisp, clean, and match your brand identity. Use a color scheme that captures your brand’s personality and imagery that makes sense for your industry and target market.

These illustrations will likely be the first impression that many get of your business, and the initial emotion evoked by an illustration can be hard to shake. Illustrations can be so powerful that it’s crucial to make sure this first impression is the one you want to elicit.


The effect that an illustration has on someone happens fast. Your illustrations shouldn’t be too busy or over-complicated as the goal here is to have your brand conveyed in one image. If the illustration is too crowded, it’s purpose is defeated as it may confuse or distract potential clients from your company. That is why it’s crucial to make sure the illustrations for your brand are sweet, simple, and to the point. Your business should be using illustrations to represent who you are without clutter in the designs. This idea brings us to our next point, using illustrations to create and maintain brand identity.


It is imperative to create consistent imagery throughout your brand. Businesses such as Mailchimp, Facebook, and Google are great at this. When you think of each of these brands, a distinct set of colors, shapes, and images instantly come to mind.

Mailchimp is a good example of what you should strive for with illustrations and branding. They use familiar, stylized illustrations throughout their website, giving their brand more personality.

Maintaining those similar shapes and colors in your illustrations like Mailchimp does will help viewers recognize your company in the future while also giving you a distinct and unique brand identity. Good branding and illustrations help you stand out in your online advertising, make you more memorable, and let potential customers quickly get a good feel for your business.


Are you ready to step up your branding? Illustrations are a key part in cultivating a killer brand identity. If your business has never had illustrations, now is the time to make that change. Use illustrations to gain and keep the attention of your future customers and your bottom line will see the difference.