The Different Aspects of Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Most people and business owners have a vague idea of what graphic design is, but few know how broad the topic truly is – or how important. While people often associate graphic design with simple images they see on a computer screen, fully understanding graphic design is vital to implementing it appropriately. While you may not have realized it before, graphic design heavily influences the way you view different businesses, services, and products. That is why learning how to use design strategically for your business is essential. Understand exactly what graphic design is and implement it into your business to attract new customers and make what you sell more appealing.

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is the creation of visual content that conveys and communicates a message. It uses visual hierarchy and aesthetics to easily show viewers a meaning or message.  That is why there is such a wide range of graphic design. Whether it is a poster, a business logo, a book cover, or even a photograph with text on it, graphic design is everywhere. Graphic designers create visuals you see and even interact with every day so you can have a better view of the product or service they are trying to sell. 

Graphic design is more than just a beautifully crafted image though. Graphic designers are constantly merging their creativity with strategy to sell a service, so communication is an essential graphic design skill. Designers first need to adequately represent a business and communicate a message and then merge/create a beautiful design to have an extremely effective graphic design image. Using a beautifully crafted image that communicates a strong message is the key and these images are all around you.

Types of Graphic Design

Cereal Graphic Design
Uber Graphic

Think about any cereal you have ever had or any food billboard you have seen. Even think about phone applications you use every day. All of those things use graphic design! Every cereal box conveys the product and makes it look appealing so you will purchase it. Food billboards you see are designed to look delicious so you will go to that restaurant, and all the apps you use are designed to be user friendly and visually appealing so you will continue using them. These lesser-known graphics are created to gain your business and they surround you from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. And it works! Consumers buy things that are visually appealing. From book covers to food labels to phone applications, anything that tries to gain your business by using visually appealing, created images is graphic design.

Website Graphic

The more common types of graphic design include web design (page layouts), social media graphics, and logos. Incorporating good graphic design in these areas is important to getting new customers. Some of those graphics will be the first thing people see and then associate with your business so it is important they are strong, well-thought-out designs. Placing memorable graphics on high traffic locations such as your website or social media platforms is a great opportunity to share visually appealing graphics to sell your services.

The Importance of Graphic Design

Every business should use graphic design to their advantage to sell products or services. Regardless of your industry, you can implement visually appealing graphics into your marketing. From logos to book covers, every business can incorporate and benefit from using graphic design for their business.