Visual Content Marketing Can Help Your Business, Here’s How

Businesses today have endless ways to promote themselves online and off. Content marketing has been a strong avenue to get consumers and potential customers excited about a product or service. Now, there’s another area within content marketing that many businesses aren’t effectively investing in, and are probably not even aware of!

In recent years, with the dawn of digital media, visual content marketing is slowly crowning itself king amidst the marketing realm. Visual content is present in almost all the content we consume today, in some form or another.

So, what is visual content marketing?

Visual content marketing is about creating visual content that provides value for your followers and potential customers. Very much like content marketing, visual content marketing aims to inspire and educate your audience in a more dynamic and engaging way, through pieces like:

  • Branded & Stylized Images
  • Videos
  • Memes
  • Infographics
  • Illustrations

Attention-grabbing visual content sparks curiosity about your business. It shares your brand’s ethos and personality in a way that is more relaxed and approachable. 

Why should I incorporate visual content in my content marketing strategy?  

In an overly saturated online (and offline) world, your product or service is constantly competing with countless other businesses that may have a similar offering, and you want to stand out! With branded quality visual content you build anticipation, retain attention, and can seamlessly convert your audience into loyal ambassadors by continuing the conversation about what makes your business unique.

But, what is branded visual content? 

Just like a logo or a tagline, you need your visual content to immediately communicate something impactful about your business to your audience. By branding your visual content, your potential customers can easily identify your content from a sea of other content pieces available for them to consume. Branding your visual content ensures your target market hears your message clearly, and most importantly, remembers it for whenever they need to engage your services or products in their daily life.

For example, Target’s visual content is quickly recognizable by pop color, crisp product and lifestyle images, and inclusive messaging. You can also identify Target visual content by finding their logo present in their videos, and they even have mascot “Bullseye” that stars in many of their content pieces. These are visually identifiable features of the brand, shaping Target’s visual identity.

Now, how can I start using visual content marketing? 

For you to be successful with visual content marketing, your visual content needs to tell a great story, and it needs to tell YOUR business’ story. Humans are emotional beings and the thread that weaves us together are stories, and we’re constantly sharing them. Crafting a visual content marketing strategy that is optimized for your audience’s interaction, with compelling storytelling, is your key to becoming memorable and shareable.

Take a moment to outline how you’d like your followers and prospective customers to engage with your visual content. Do you want them to comment on your image? Do you want to inspire them and prompt them to share your video? Creating a variety of visual pieces, and developing your story in interesting ways, is the perfect way to create value for your audience and spread your message. 

Go on, and share your great visual content with the world!

You can share your visual content anywhere your audience receives news about your business. Social media, email newsletters, and your website are great places for your potential customers to interact with your content and learn about you in an engaging way.

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