Web Design Layout

Web Design Layout

Having a strong web design layout is so important! Having a strong website layout can increase user-experience, sales, and is a better reflection of your business. Take a look at some of the key elements we outlined in our latest infographic all about the key components you should have on your web pages.

Web Design Layout Infographic

Web Design

Strong Header

Create a strong header to keep potential customers/clients on the page. Your headers should be skimmable so readers know exactly what is on each page. Make sure you follow those headers with relevant content so you don’t mislead readers.

User-Friendly Navigation

Make sure each page has easy navigation for a better user experience. You don’t want potential customers to struggle on your page so have navigation that is easy to use and easy to understand in to help your customers or potential customers out.

Visuals of Products

Keep your pages clean and avoid clutter. Clearly display what you are trying to sell so there are no misunderstandings or miscommunications.

Be Descriptive

After you have the attention of potential customers with your headers and products, be descriptive about what you are selling. You want to clearly display what you sell but you also want to clearly explain what each product is as well.

Link to Other Pages

Provide links to other pages to keep customers engaged and on your website. You want to keep people on your website for as long as possible so provide them links to see other parts of your website that might be interesting to them as well!

Informative Footers

Provide contact information as well as links to other pages on your website in the footer. Having a strong footer is helpful so customers can easily contact you, view other pages, and know all the different pages you actually have on your website.