Why You Should Be Doing Email Marketing

Checking Email

While every year some marketing guru comes out of the woodworks and officially declares the death of email, it has consistently proven to stand the test of time. Email marketing may not be the sexiest tactic in the book, but for ten years running, this platform has offered the highest ROI for marketers than any other tactic and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Social platforms may come and go (RIP MySpace and Vine), but email is forever. Here are five reasons why your eCommerce business should harness the power of email marketing today.

1. Email Has Huge Reach

While some might pick and choose which social platforms they spend their time on, nearly everyone on the internet has an email address. Email is the one common denominator for all internet users, young and old. In fact, it’s essentially the internet’s currency. Sharing your email address is the cost of entry into basically every other faction of the internet, whether to sign up for other platforms like Facebook or Twitter, to make an Amazon account, or to even stream movies on Netflix.

2. Email Gets Your Message Delivered

Between gaining a new Facebook fan or gaining a new email subscriber, which would you choose? The right answer is always going to be the subscriber. 

About 90% of all marketing emails get delivered, while only about 2% of your Facebook followers actually see your Facebook post on their news feed. This means that your message is approximately 45x more likely to be seen in an email than on Facebook.

3. Email Drives Conversions

There’s a reason email marketing has endured this long: it works. While brand awareness and other KPIs are nice, at the end of the day, it’s conversions that keep the world spinning. 

The average click-through rate is around 3% for an email. While at first glance, that sounds pretty abysmal, it’s a huge leap compared to the average click-through rate of a tweet, which sits at around 0.5%. So, after crunching the numbers, this means you’re more likely to garner conversion from an email than a tweet.

4. Email Marketing Has a High ROI

Here’s a stat for you: for every $1 spent on an email marketing campaign, the average business can expect to make $42 – that is a 4,200% ROI. So, yes, email marketing is cost-effective. But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. 

What really makes email marketing so effective is its ability to personalize messaging for specific audiences you’re trying to target. Email marketers can send specific messages to subsets of their email lists that would be most relevant to them, i.e. sending a promotional email about swimsuits to female audiences in the spring and summer. 

5. Email is the Preferred Method of Branded Communication

Think about the headspace someone is in while checking their email vs scrolling through their newsfeed. People are communicating personally with friends and family they care about on social networks. They’re there to see photos and updates from loved ones close to them; they’re not necessarily in the mood to be sold a pair of sunglasses or whatever your product may be.  

Alternatively, email is a much more professional platform. When someone is checking their email inbox, they’re already expecting to be fed information, be it about a product, service, or party e-vites. In fact, email is the one place where a majority of customers actually want to receive promotional content. 91% of Americans actually want to receive promo emails. Then, it just becomes a matter of how often to send those emails. Finding the right cadence can be a bit of trial and error. It might not be necessary to pump out three emails a day and flood people’s inboxes. Even something as simple as a monthly newsletter-style email can be effective.

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