Boxwood is a Content Marketing Agency

Simply put, Boxwood is a content marketing agency. We focus on helping businesses bring in leads online. Period.

Content marketing is a huge piece of digital marketing that runs through almost every aspect of the customer journey. Looking to invest in SEO and bring more organic traffic to your website? Better have killer content to entice your customers to click. Want to put up some Facebook ads? Let’s make sure the page they land on has well written, compelling content so they are encouraged to spend more time on your site.

Blog Post


Establish authority and bring leads to you with relevant, quality blog posts.

One of the best tools in the inbound marketing toolbox is amazing blog content. Keep your blog current with content specifically chosen for current prospective clients or customers. Not only will this help feed traffic to your website, it’s also a great way to help your users feel more comfortable trusting you with their time and money.

White Papers

White Papers

Generate leads with an amazing inbound marketing tool: long-form white papers.

Content marketing gets users to your website, but something downloadable like a white paper can help get you what you really want: their contact information. The key to getting their digits, though, is offering valuable content. That’s where we come in — we write helpful, interesting white papers that users want.

Website Copy

Website Copy

Work with your user’s short attention span with easy-to-digest website content.

Think back to a website where you recently made a purchase. Before you clicked “add to cart”, did you read every word on the blog or product pages, or did you mostly just skim, jump around, and read headers? Your visitors will do the exact same thing. We know user behavior like the back of our hand, and write web copy designed to cater to that short attention span.


SEO Content

Don’t waste yours or your user’s time with content that’s not SEO-friendly.

Almost all content is useless if it’s not written with search engines in mind. While there are some forms where SEO is not important (a PDF white paper, or a social media post, for example) there are many more where SEO is absolutely vital, such as blog posts and website copy. We create quality SEO content that both your users and the search engines will find attractive.

Email Marketing

Email Copy

Earn and keep your audience’s attention with engaging email copy.

An email is meant to be skimmed. Only in rare cases will a reader stop to read a big block of text or take a poorly-designed email seriously. Take full advantage of the ROI potential of email. We understand reader behavior and write and design emails that create a seamless, easy experience for your send list.

Social Media

Social Media Content

Stop the scroll with interesting social media posts.

You thought website readers’ attention span was short? Try social. Social posting is all in the wheelhouse of a strong content marketing strategy, and can encompass copywriting, graphics creation, interactive posts…and more! We create posts that are designed to be appealing enough to stop your follower’s scroll and engage them with your brand.

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