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An eCommerce website without SEO is like a storefront without a sign. 

When you run an eCommerce business, your website is your modern-day “store.” It needs to be easy to shop in, aesthetically pleasing, and most of all, findable by people who want to buy what you sell. Nobody wants to pay for ads in order to get every single sale, most should happen organically.

The Boxwood team are experts in eCommerce SEO. In fact, it is the main service we provide and it is what we have been specializing in for the longest! We are well versed in everything from what types of eCommerce pages are the most important for SEO, how to create an eCommerce content plan, what factors on a product page most need to be optimized, and much much more.

Our ECommerce SEO Process

SEO Process


Before we design a plan, we want to know exactly what we are working with. We will perform an extensive audit of your eCommerce website’s current performance, where your competitors are beating you, and what is already working well.


Once we identify how you currently rank and where the gaps are for how you want to rank, we will design a tailor-made SEO plan. Let’s play to your SEO goals rather than force you into a one-size-fits all SEO plan.


The main goal here is simple: to help you grow your eCommerce business. With our extensive SEO experience and ongoing analysis, we will knock it out of the park. Let’s get more interested shoppers to your website and convert them into customers!

What ECommerce SEO Services Does Boxwood Offer?

No outsourcing here. Boxwood handles every SEO service in house.


The bread and butter of every eCommerce website are your products pages. These are the pages we want to get Google searchers to directly and effectively. We are expert enough in SEO we know exactly how to optimize any product page to get you to that top spot in Google.


Beyond the core structure of an eCommerce website – the main pages and the products pages – there are category pages and custom landing pages. These two types of pages are an incredibly powerful SEO strategy that will open a new tier of focus keywords. 


Content marketing is key in long term SEO success. And more and more, Google is analyzing the quality of that content, not just how many keywords we could fit into one sentence. With a 100% US-based team of creative marketers, we will seamlessly marry your SEO strategy into content creation.


In addition to the SEO strategy we put into place on your website, off-page SEO is also important. We will build your backlink portfolio the right way through high quality links and guest posts on relevant blogs. These backlinks will stick around and Google will love them.


We not only offer custom SEO dashboards to our clients, but we also do near-constant analyses of how you are performing and where the competition might be climbing. We always stay one step ahead of the natural ebb and flow of SEO with obsessive reporting and tracking.


Keyword research is intertwined with every step of SEO. The web can be a fickle place and competitors come and go often, meaning that we need to do keyword research on an on-going basis. We will always be searching for new keywords to pursue or beefing up our strategy on keywords that become more competitive.

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Visual Content Marketing Can Help Your Business, Here’s How

Businesses today have endless ways to promote themselves online and off. Content marketing has been a strong avenue to get consumers and potential customers excited about a product or service. Now, there’s another area within content marketing that many businesses aren’t effectively investing in, and are probably not even aware of!

In recent years, with the dawn of digital media, visual content marketing is slowly crowning itself king amidst the marketing realm. Visual content is present in almost all the content we consume today, in some form or another.

So, what is visual content marketing?

Visual content marketing is about creating visual content that provides value for your followers and potential customers. Very much like content marketing, visual content marketing aims to inspire and educate your audience in a more dynamic and engaging way, through pieces like:

  • Branded & Stylized Images
  • Videos
  • Memes
  • Infographics
  • Illustrations

Attention-grabbing visual content sparks curiosity about your business. It shares your brand’s ethos and personality in a way that is more relaxed and approachable. 

Why should I incorporate visual content in my content marketing strategy?  

In an overly saturated online (and offline) world, your product or service is constantly competing with countless other businesses that may have a similar offering, and you want to stand out! With branded quality visual content you build anticipation, retain attention, and can seamlessly convert your audience into loyal ambassadors by continuing the conversation about what makes your business unique.

But, what is branded visual content? 

Just like a logo or a tagline, you need your visual content to immediately communicate something impactful about your business to your audience. By branding your visual content, your potential customers can easily identify your content from a sea of other content pieces available for them to consume. Branding your visual content ensures your target market hears your message clearly, and most importantly, remembers it for whenever they need to engage your services or products in their daily life.

For example, Target’s visual content is quickly recognizable by pop color, crisp product and lifestyle images, and inclusive messaging. You can also identify Target visual content by finding their logo present in their videos, and they even have mascot “Bullseye” that stars in many of their content pieces. These are visually identifiable features of the brand, shaping Target’s visual identity.

Now, how can I start using visual content marketing? 

For you to be successful with visual content marketing, your visual content needs to tell a great story, and it needs to tell YOUR business’ story. Humans are emotional beings and the thread that weaves us together are stories, and we’re constantly sharing them. Crafting a visual content marketing strategy that is optimized for your audience’s interaction, with compelling storytelling, is your key to becoming memorable and shareable.

Take a moment to outline how you’d like your followers and prospective customers to engage with your visual content. Do you want them to comment on your image? Do you want to inspire them and prompt them to share your video? Creating a variety of visual pieces, and developing your story in interesting ways, is the perfect way to create value for your audience and spread your message. 

Go on, and share your great visual content with the world!

You can share your visual content anywhere your audience receives news about your business. Social media, email newsletters, and your website are great places for your potential customers to interact with your content and learn about you in an engaging way.

Interview with Danielle Duran From Boxwooddigital – Talking To The Pros

Chris: What marketing channel do you use the most and why?

Danielle: Not sure if this is considered a “channel” but SEO is by far the most effective digital marketing strategy. There is a lot that goes into that like content marketing, web copywriting, website design even, and of course keywording pages, but every single business trying to compete online should invest in it.

Chris: Interesting, do you feel that certain marketing channels are typically underutilized by other marketers?

Danielle: Not sure about under, but social media is way over-utilized. For ¾ of small businesses, social media is just not really worth the time and effort it takes to create a presence. It is a way over-saturated channel.

Read Danielle’s full interview with Chris Grundy here >