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Etsy photography tips

Etsy Photography Tips

When it comes to selling on Etsy, one of the most important features of your listings is product images. It can be challenging to get good photos, though, especially if you’d like to take them yourself. The buyer’s main deciding factor is how your items look in photos. It is absolutely vital to take photos […]

marketing on Etsy

Marketing on Etsy

For Etsy sellers, especially those new to the game, getting your listings found by potential customers is half of the battle. You may have an amazing product at a competitive price, but without any marketing or SEO, it will never be seen. There are marketing tools within Etsy to help your listings appear in searches, […]

Why Does SEO Matter?

For those not familiar with the inner workings of website traffic and Google algorithms, SEO can be one of those things that everyone tells you to pay attention to, but you aren’t really sure why it’s important. SEO may seem like a complex topic, but it has one central goal: to attract more traffic to […]