Fenix Lighting Case Case Study

2019 – 2022 RESULTS

Fenix Lighting is a B2C eCommerce company whose goal is to increase sales through search engine visibility and brand awareness. We strategized and executed a multi-pronged strategy that implemented on-site search engine optimization, high-quality content writing, and off-site SEO.

About Fenix Lighting

Fenix Lighting is a national leader in the flashlight and headlamps market. User-led innovation combined with rigorous testing has made Fenix a top choice for flashlight and outdoor gear enthusiasts.

Fenix Lighting’s business model includes both in-store sales (such as at REI and Sportsman Warehouse) and an online eCommerce store. Their product line includes flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, and lanterns.

At first glance, these lighting devices may seem to have limited uses. We may think of them being stored away to be used only in case of emergencies. However, talk to outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel, construction site workers, and even dog owners, and you will quickly see that flashlights are an integral part of our daily toolkits. Flashlights help us explore more, repair better, and go further. Equipped with this understanding, we dove into our work for Fenix Lighting.


How do you take an already successful brand and drive its sales and awareness even higher?

When Fenix Lighting approached Boxwood, their main goal was to grow their online purchases by reaching new audiences and increasing repeat buyers. Although they had a loyal fan base, past-buyers were not being given a reason to return to the Fenix site on a regular basis. In search engine results, Fenix was not showing up in top spots for general keywords that potential new customers would use.


Through extensive SEO and competitive research, and by working closely with the Fenix Lighting team, Boxwood developed a strong strategy for increasing website sales through a content integrated SEO plan.

A Balancing Act Between High Traffic and High Intent Search Engine Optimization

Boxwood’s plan for Fenix Lighting’s SEO began with our keyword strategy. We identified a handful of high traffic, high intent keywords to be our long term goals, and then each month rotated in and out lower traffic, lower competition keywords to work on as well.

Our goal was to compete with major retailers like Amazon and Walmart on only a few very high traffic keywords. By focusing our efforts on a small number of high reward keywords, we were more realistically able to knock huge competitors out of top spots. Then, for the lower competition/lower volume keywords, we created content in the form of blog posts, infographics, and landing pages to draw in search traffic for more niche terms.

Hub and Spoke Content Marketing

First, our content team worked with Fenix Lighting to polish the brand’s personality and develop a tone of voice that better mirrored their audience. We also provided consultation on visual branding and digital marketing budget allocations.

Our hub and spoke campaign included creating multiple forms of content that met Fenix’s audience at different stages of their customer journey — from no awareness of the brand to past buyers. We designed our content and SEO strategy to feed off of each other. At the center of each campaign was a shoppable landing page designed for a high value SEO keyword. The “spokes” came in the form of supporting blog posts and other content created for related niche keywords. By having one central focus to each campaign we were able to build that page’s traffic and conversions up the most. In addition, we were also able to create an entire web of related keywords and content for smaller specific topics.

Fenix Lighting Results

Over the span of several years, the Fenix Lighting brand has grown by leaps and bounds. Since 2019 their top level revenue has grown by over 100%. Their eCommerce store traffic has increased by 48% as a direct result of Boxwood’s SEO and content strategy. We have been thrilled to be a part of Fenix’s journey to become the top retailer in their space.