Haven Lighting Case Study

FEB 2022 – Present

Haven Lighting is a B2B and B2C eCommerce company whose goal is to get ahead of the mainstream competition in Google’s search results. We crafted an SEO strategy that implemented high-quality on-site and off-site content that has bolstered Haven Lighting’s rankings on search engine results pages.

The Client

Landscape lighting isn’t only utilitarian. It is a form of expression and creativity. 

Haven Lighting is a Kentucky-based smart landscape lighting company. Since their founding in 2017, Haven has grown quickly to become one of the region’s fastest-growing private companies. Built on the foundation of delivering hassle-free, customizable landscape lighting to residential and commercial spaces, Haven is at the forefront of landscape lighting technology.


How can we take an already successful company and develop an SEO strategy that places it on top of the search engine results page while not only satisfying its current B2C market, but also reaching out to its desired B2B market? 

Haven Lighting has a great website, well-developed brand, and creates a superior product compared to its competitors. However, an overall absence of strategic focus keywords, interlinking strategies, and optimized, relevant content wasn’t doing it any favors. While the company wanted to establish itself as a technology-led smart landscape lighting company, the content on the website wasn’t communicating that effectively.


We began our work with Haven Lighting by identifying and refining their target market and SEO opportunities. Our team then dug deeper into what set them apart from competitors and how to better showcase that. We conducted research to understand how their products fit into their customers’ lives and got to work

Doubling Down on Haven Lighting’s USP

In a departure from Haven Lighting’s previous website content that did not focus on the company’s technology capabilities, we indexed heavily on Haven’s R&D and customization features. We used visuals and content to position Haven Lighting as not playing in the competitor’s field, but as creating a field of its own.

Complete On-Site Search Engine Optimization

Based on our research, we developed monthly SEO actions for Haven’s website. Keyword research drove optimizations in the form of elevating existing content, creating new landing pages, and writing new blog posts.

We used the Haven blog to showcase different use-case scenarios for their core product. By developing content on tangential topics that would resonate with their target audiences, we were able to broaden the reach of Haven’s product offerings.

Use Content to Fuel SEO

We wrote press releases for Haven’s new product offerings and awards by immersing ourselves in the company’s products and practices, which also helped boost SEO. By rounding out their landing and category pages to not only educate but convert website browsers, their eCommerce conversion rates have improved tremendously.

Haven Lighting Results

By digging deeper into Haven’s unique selling point and implementing a robust SEO strategy, Haven Lighting has seen a 16% increase in website traffic since partnering with Boxwood Digital in early 2022. Importantly, while the organic traffic has increased, the conversion rate has increased by even more, implying that the traffic coming to the site has a higher intent to buy as well. Haven Lighting is a fast-growing company and Boxwood is thrilled to be along for the ride.