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Americans shop online.

Think of the internet as a giant living room, and every business online is like a guest at a party. Inbound marketing is the difference between starting a conversation and getting noticed or being the awkward guy in the corner who refuses to make eye contact with anyone.

Don’t be the awkward guy, be the one who makes some friends. Since nearly every American makes purchases online, you really can’t afford not to make friends! (Those friends you make in this analogy are loyal and engaged customers in real life, by the way.)

If you want a more engaged audience, valuable leads, and a wide-angle strategy, then inbound marketing is for you.

Boxwood’s inbound marketing tactic is a holistic, wide-angle approach to getting your product or service in view of people who could easily be interested in it.

We utilize multiple channels and layer things like blog posts, social media posts, SEO, and even Google or Facebook and Instagram ads to make sure you’re showing up where your new favorite customers are more likely to see you.

Boxwood is clear. honest. local.

Inbound Digital Marketing Partner in Denver

You might find it easier to just us thanks to a combined decade-and-a-half in successful B2B and B2C marketing, but in our minds, Boxwood’s biggest advantage is that we work with you.  We’re transparent about our processes and share openly about each piece of the strategy that we recommend.

Once we start working with you, we’re more than willing to adapt and adjust our strategy as we go along so that we can help you reach your goals.

Most of our clients are in the Denver area.

That means we can easily meet with you in person, visit your location, and tailor our content and SEO efforts to help you reach your goals. Not in the Denver area? No worries, we’re more than happy to make meetings happen digitally through tools like Google Hangout or Skype.

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