FEB 2020 – Present

Lux Lampshades is a B2C and B2B eCommerce retailer whose goal is to establish their authority as the go-to source for lampshades, from custom one-off lampshades to manufacturing and wholesale distribution. We developed an SEO strategy that restructured Lux’s website, reorganized their onsite content, and developed several new main pages that targeted different audience segments.

The Client

Lampshades are to a room what spice is to food. Like spice brings an entire dish together, well designed lampshades can bring an entire design scheme together. We think lampshades are interior design’s best-kept secret. 

Founded in 2002, Lux Lampshades wants to be the North American hub for everything involving lampshades. Their vision for Lux is to be the go-to resource for lampshade information, sales, design, commercial, and hospitality opportunities. Customer service is at the core of their business and one can see this in the relationships the business has built with independent homeowners, interior designers, and retailers.


While Lux Lampshades, with its excellent collection and experience, has created a name for itself in the design industry, it wasn’t reaching its full potential in the online marketplace. The brand wanted to attract more individual consumers to its Shopify store.

Lack of an organized site structure, thin on-site content, and bare bones category pages were just some of the things standing in the way of Lux being more successful.


Once we fully identified and understood the client’s goals, we conducted intent-based keyword research. This was followed by developing a complete SEO strategy that included optimizing current website pages, writing new content, crafting new pages, and also revamping the site’s user experience.

Understand the Various Ways in Which People Find You

One of the first things that jumped out at us was that Lux Lampshades had the products people were looking for, but the website wasn’t showcasing these products in an easy-to-shop manner. 

We developed a website structure that gave customers multiple points of entry to the Lux website and organized lampshades into more specific categories with titles that aligned with high-search-volume keywords.

Deliver Relevant Content to Potential Customers

We built new category pages and crafted content that offered in-depth information to website visitors. In addition, we also designed many new landing pages with additional calls-to-action to convert more browsers into buyers. Our intent behind many of these pages was simple — let customers find all the information they are looking for while keeping navigation and purchasing simple. We also strategized a link building plan that helped the site gain more relevancy.


By revamping their website structure and adding robust on-page content, Lux Lampshades has begun to see an overall increase in website traffic and a vast increase in sale values. Importantly, pages that particularly target the new audience segment Lux Lampshades is interested in, have seen an 11% improvement in keyword rankings.