Vasundhara Mohan


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Vasundhara has lived in 15 cities, worked in 5 industries, driven through some of the world’s highest mountain passes, and walked days to witness the third largest ice sheet on the planet. She is always seeking newer heights and perspectives!

A detective at heart and a storyteller by profession, Vasundhara has 10+ years of experience in media and communication. After completing her master’s in Journalism in India, she worked as a reporter and editor for various publications. Vasundhara decided to pursue her love for advertising by studying brand strategy at Miami Ad School and digital marketing at the University of Denver. Vasundhara has developed high-level brand strategy, planned creative campaigns, and executed digital marketing tactics for various types of industries such as CPG, tech, real estate, and nonprofit.

When she isn’t leading SEO content for Boxwood clients, Vasundhara is a lover of reading and a nature devotee who goes hiking every weekend with her dog and husband. You may also find her wandering city streets, drawing inspiration from architecture, food, nature, art, words, and other people’s stories.