Why Should Boxwood Design Your Website?

When you team up with Boxwood, you get the benefit of a lead-centric website design approach. That means the customer journey, user experience, and your specific KPI’s all come into play when the Boxwood team re-shapes your site.

The array of skills on tap at Boxwood Digital makes it possible for us to handle your website design (or re-design) project from start to finish. We handle website development and coding, user experience (UI), content writing, SEO, setting up some great marketing funnels, and anything else we might need to do to create an amazing website.

We tackle the design, wording, and coding of the site in a holistic way, making sure every layer of the site’s strategy, message, and aesthetic works to guide your visitors on an enjoyable journey towards action.

You can think of our website design process like the layers of the human body:

Bones are literally the building blocks to your body. Without bones, you would be a puddle of muscle and tissue, and would have difficulty remaining upright or even functioning. CSS and the platform you choose are the bones of your site. Without them, your website would be a mess of unorganized content with zero functionality.

The superhighway of nerves connects your entire body so that you can do things like breathe and drink water. Think of SEO and content strategy as the lifeblood of your website. Without SEO and a solid content strategy, you’re simply flailing, instead of coordinating your efforts to accomplish the simple goal of attracting new leads.

Without muscle, you literally can’t move, so muscle spreads across your entire body so you can perform an action. Likewise, without compelling content, you cannot move your visitors towards conversion. Content touches every part of your website. From the homepage to your contact form, solid content is what moves your visitors towards action.

Your skin is what keeps all the other stuff together, so it’s pretty important! Add that to your other physical features and choices like clothing and style, and you have the recipe for how others perceive you. With a website, your UI and overall design are those physical features that influence perception of your brand. 

When all those layers work together, you have a beautiful, purposeful site.

Let’s Take Your Site to the Next Level

While we specialize in WordPress, we also have extensive knowledge of Squarespace and BigCommerce; but that’s just speaking statistically. Our web developer is more than happy to help with custom coding, and we’ve had experience in a handful of other website platforms as well.

The best part about working with Boxwood is that we’re Denver local, transparent, and direct. You get the skills of an agency with the personalization of working with a small team. Get in touch with us and we’ll set up a time to talk about how Boxwood can help your website be an enjoyable destination for your audience.

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