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2020-2022 Results

Westward Sales is a B2B eCommerce company that sells industrial network electronics and devices. While popular with referral customers, they were struggling to find new audiences for their online store. By crafting a content, SEO, and UX strategy, we have been able to see very exciting growth for their eCommerce business over the last several years.


Selecting, configuring, and deploying industrial electronics can be a frustrating and confusing experience for customers. Westward Sales distinguishes itself in the B2B electronics space by providing end-to-end technology solutions and support to its customers. 

Founded by a team of engineers, Westward Sales combines its deep product expertise with an understanding of customer needs. In addition to offering off-the-shelf industrial electronics, Westward also develops custom industrial electronic solutions for customers. Their core categories include industrial ethernet, IoT, and antennas. The majority of Westward’s customers are IT departments and network engineers.


How can you use SEO and content writing to bring B2B buyers to an online store in a vast, technical category like industrial electronics?

Although Westward Sales was a steadily growing company, they did not have a well-established SEO strategy. Their website was also missing a sound structure and in-depth, relevant content on its category and product pages. While popular with referral clients and industry connections, they were not reaching new audiences through search engines. In doing so, Westward Sales was leaving countless opportunities on the table.


While our partnership with Westward Sales began with blog content and simple page optimizations, we quickly realized they needed a full SEO strategy and website revamp to take advantage of their momentum.

Reach for the Low-Hanging Fruit

We started by conducting extensive research into the products offered by Westward Sales. We wanted to find out what keywords and search terms were being utilized by potential customers. This informed our decision on the types of SEO content we could create for them that would help align the product with how it was being searched and push Westward Sales to the top of the SERP. We implemented several types of SEO content including new landing pages, optimized content on category pages, and link building strategies.

Pursue Top Industry Brands

Another huge SEO opportunity we identified was to work toward ranking in top spots for the brand names of their best-selling products. By selecting a few important branded keywords through search volume research, we got to work on the goal of ranking at the top for popular brand names that potential customers were searching for. As a retailer, it was huge for Westward Sales to be able to beat out all of the other options to buy these products online.

Renew Old Customer Relationships With an Engaging Newsletter Campaign

We revisited Westward Sales’ existing email campaign to revamp the content and design of the newsletter. 

Informative blog posts, introductions to new products, and technology insider humor helped us not only re-establish relationships, but also bring more people to Westward’s products on the website.

By combining SEO with a newsletter campaign, we brought new customers to the Westward Sales’ website, while also turning older customers into repeat customers.


Westward Sales Results

By identifying short-term and long-term SEO strategies and combining them with effective content marketing, Westward Sales increased their website traffic, conversion rates, and overall sales volume significantly. Westward Sales continues to nearly double in size every year by allowing Boxwood to stay focused on their SEO and content strategies while they consistently grow their business and product offerings.